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Michael Pooley is a communications consultant, writer, editor, and program manager with nearly 20 years industry experience. He was also a founding partner of the brynmorgan group, llc, a Silicon Valley consulting firm specializing in corporate, marketing, and investor communications.

In the past two decades, Michael has consulted for numerous high-tech and Fortune 1000 clients, primarily leveraging his diverse expertise and experience in corporate communications, messaging, and positioning; Web marketing and communications; editorial management, copywriting, and content/collateral development.

Outcome-Oriented Business Results

Michael is an expert at framing, managing, and developing communication strategies, whether intended for a CEO, CFO, CIO, IT manager, industry analyst, investor, consumer, end user, or any other audience. He can easily integrate and synthesize the most complex ideas and concepts, then craft them into effective and compelling content deliverables across the spectrum of technical, marketing, business, and consumer communications.

Michael brings a unique range of capabilities to his clients — marketeer, communications architect, program/project manager, writer, and creative problem solver. His high “get it” factor allows him to quickly cut to the chase, determine what’s relevant to the client, the intended audience, and the market, and use that knowledge to generate solid business results.

Proven Experience ~ Customer Success

As a communications consultant, writer, editor, and program manager, Michael has contributed his services to dozens of leading companies, including Apple Computer, Ariba, Brio Technology, BroadVision, C-Cube Microsystems, Clarify (Nortel), Digital Microwave (Stratex Networks), Hewlett-Packard, Identix, Immersion, Informix Software (IBM), Mercury Interactive (HP), Portal Software, PeopleSoft, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Sun Microsystems, and RightWorks (i2).

In addition to 19-plus years’ experience in high-tech communications and management, Michael's background includes many years in consumer-based marketing and sales (including directing the marketing efforts of a small California winery) as well as prior stints in journalism (writing for various California newspapers) and theatrical and film production (writing for video, film, and stage).

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