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Michael Pooley (and team) provides high-level marketing, communications, editorial services, and program/project management. With a proven client track record and years' of industry experience, Michael knows the business of high technology — including marketing, sales, investor, executive, product, partner, and technical communications. Michael and his partners have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. In fact, we've helped a few small businesses become some of those biggest. At the same time, our services are ideal for medium and small companies, and are delivered with equal gusto as well... plus we fully understand the meaning and importance of "value add" in today's cost-sensitive world. So rest assured, we can scale our services, and our rates, to meet your specific business needs, without compromising quality or timeframes.

A strategic communications architect, builder, and implementer of content and messaging, Michael can take the most esoteric techno-speak and turn it into something that Main Street (and Wall Street) understands. And, by turning Web, print, and multimedia into integrated communications, we can make it all work together. Finally, whether you're working soley with Michael, or with a team of specialists assembled and managed by Michael... our services are fast, flexible, and affordable. In fact, what makes us stand out from other vendors is the ability to fill whatever role your needs dictate — freelance writer/editor, project/program manager, virtual member of your in-house team... or a one-stop shop that does it all!

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