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Content Development, Copywriting, Editorial & Project Management

What is content without context? Just a bunch of words and images. You might think it looks and sounds good... but will your audience even care, much less pay attention, or take action? Beginning at the earliest stages of strategy formulation, brainstorming, and idea contribution and continuing through development and refinement to final production, Pooley Consulting is on board to create and deliver highly effective, strategic communication campaigns. Whether writing new content from scratch, editing or wordsmithing existing copy, or overseeing your entire editorial strategy, you can expect clear, concise, and compelling content...and that it will be optimized to address your desired outcomes, audience careabouts, business issues, market conditions, etc.

Copywriting for Corporate, Marketing, & Investor Communications
With literally thousands of projects under his belt, Michael is an expert at copywriting, wordsmithing, and editing content for any audience... whether its intended for the CxO, business manager, industry/technical analyst, investor, consumer, or end user. He possess the uncanny ability to take even the most complex ideas and concepts... be it technical babble, legalese, marketing hype, or street talk.... and craft them into effective and compelling deliverables across the spectrum of technical, marketing, business, and consumer communications.

Editorial & Creative Management
Translating your organization's thoughts, ideas, and strategies into visuals and words that will explain and sell them to other people isn't easy. Unless it's done well. Michael works hard to maximize and deliver creative and editorial results to our clients, which means we end up rejecting a lot of copy and design work before you ever see it. The result is consistently creative, high-quality communication that gets noticed - and that doesn't underestimate the intelligence of your customers and prospects.

Program & Project Management
These days, everyone is stretched. We step in where our clients most often need additional resources, managing individual projects and program components with attention to detail, and making sure that you're up to date and up to speed on our progress. At the same time, Michael's understanding that individual projects must integrate with larger strategic objectives provides you with true added value.

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