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Website Copywriting, Design, & Project Management

When you're talking about the Web, the work has to speak for itself. Ask yourself this: what is it about a website that gets your attention and makes you want to come back, as opposed to a "one-hit" wonder? What makes you want to place an order, ask for more information, or tell people you know to check the site out? How do you turn a website from a destination/URL into an experience? Ask us — we know!

Our website services include:

Copywriting & Editorial Direction
Writing and designing for the Web is… different. Different style, different look, different expectations, and a requirement to work at warp speed. It's important that whoever you work with on website creative understands that.

Michael's editorial and copywriting skills have been honed through years of Internet-based experience, a strong grasp of what makes effective and appropriate language, and a clear understanding of exactly how and why specific word choices influence your visitors' browsing and buying behavior.

Program & Project Management
Ideally, engaging Michael and his partners for website program and project management should start at the very beginning, before you've invested time, effort, and expense. The reason? Our unsurpassed depth of expertise in the planning and architecture of websites — which ideally begins at the most conceptual level.

We provide unique value and lasting competitive advantage by helping our clients understand the psychology of websites, the opportunities and limitations they present, and how to maximize their value. And then we handle every detail for you.

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